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As a Medical Aesthetician, Valerie has worked hard to build her home-based spa and offer her amazing services. Offering a variety of beneficial treatments like Laser Hair Reduction, CBD Infused Oil Massages, Facials and more she helps every client achieve a healthy and beautiful Glo, both in and out.

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   You can feel completely safe as we follow all Ontario Guidelines and Health Canada requirements with respect to Covid 19 Protocols

Meet our Medical Aestheician

Valerie Calia


So the past year has been an usual year to say the least for everyone and I never expected to go through one of those again after a life changing incident that occurred in May 2016.  That time in my life changed me in so many ways and thoughts and it made me realize that I need to try and slow down a bit, give back and love what I do which I use to after I left high school and went into Aesthetics.


That was a very long time ago but I fulfilled my goals from high school that I would work for the largest cosmetic company in the world, at the time.  I worked hard and achieved it but life took me down a different road and I found myself unsure of where I was going.  35 years later I found myself in that same position again...with a life altering situation I really needed to love what I do and decided to go back to the Beauty Industry.  I needed to help others feel special about themselves.  Life had not gotten easier at that point and allowing individuals to feel special was my new mission in life along with making me feel better by helping others feel better.


The Aesthetic Industry has grown by leaps and bounds since I left it 30 + years ago but I found my way back to what I thought could fulfill my dreams again but now as a Medical Aesthetician...more room to share and grow.  I now know my direction to pursue and this was so amazing to know where I was going.


Off to College I went like a young adult, oldest student in my class, what was I thinking.  Lol.  I did it with heart and soul for about 8 months and loved every minute.  Worked and studied hard and graduated with great marks and my Diploma in Medical Aesthetics.


Feeling very self assured, now what??  Do I work for someone or do I work for me...ugh.  Not sure so I took an offer to work for the College I trained at.  While doing this I was selling my CBD infused massage oil and doing massages from home.  This helped with those that were dealing with pain and it was anti-inflamatory so it really worked quickly and helped clients.  I was so enthused and wanted to help more.  How do I do that now...I really wanted to offer more beauty options to pamper and relax clients.  Then the world stopped, we get locked down for months and then opened up for a couple of months and still in a locked down state again as we enter 2021.  This past year has been an eye opener for lots of people for so many reasons. So in all this upheaval, I decided to open up a small home based business that would offer the pampering, relaxing and beauty that I know my current, new and future clients need in order to deal with life and all it throws are way.

Radiant Glo Medi Spa