Glo Facial


Glo Facial  

You'll wonder why you waited so long for an amazing clean and healthy looking skin.  

Feel refreshed by releasing the dirt, sweat and oils from your face and neck with a double cleanse into a refreshing toner.  

Along with microdermabrasion which lifts and removes dead skin cells that dull the look of your complexion it also reveals younger, fresher and healthier cells.  

Now that the dirt, sweat and oils have been removed along with the dead cells your skin, any extractors that need to be addressed are taken care of before your skin can accept the benefits and moisture it so needs to keep it looking Radiant.


Add Microneedling

This service actually damages the skin with tiny stainless steel needles and infuses serum into the skin so the collagen and elastin rush in to repair, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Very little down time and no direct sunlight or warmth events for at least 48 hours. This can be done once or twice a month. You will see the difference in your skin in a week or so.

$125...includes mask and healing cream

Add Dermaplaning

this service uses a surgical steel blade to remove the vulla hair, baby hair, and dead skin cells from the skin's surface to leave a softer, smoother and brighter complexion. The hair will grow back but not thicker than it was when first removed


Add a Facial Mask

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